Gay Cuba – a work in progress…

For fifty years from the late 1950s, Cuba was largely isolated from most of the Western world. As a result, the island appears, in many ways, to be caught in a time warp. In the capital city of Havana, picturesque old buildings have a uniquely evocative air, while the many antiquated but ingeniously-maintained cars on the highways offer photographers plenty of opportunities for capturing atmospherically timeless images.

When it comes to the gay lifestyle, though, Cuba is quickly developing into a modern and forward-looking country. That trend is epitomised by the Cuban President’s own daughter Mariela Castro who is the country’s highest-profile LGBT rights advocate.
Cubans are generally very relaxed about issues of sexuality and, as you explore Havana and other parts of the country, you will find a generally welcoming attitude towards gay people. Members of the younger generation, in particular, are notably open-minded.

This is a safe and virtually crime-free society where you will find many young men eager to broaden their horizons by meeting and getting to know guys who have experienced the outside world in all its aspects. It is especially striking too that, in contrast to their counterparts in most Western countries, young people in Cuba treat issues of age difference as of little or no significance.

But, while social attitudes are remarkably progressive, there is as yet little gay infrastructure in Cuba. As a result, exploring the local gay scene is not as straightforward as it is in many other countries.

With comparatively little public internet access or mobile phone communication, making contact with gay Cubans relies primarily on face-to-face personal encounters. But, in practice, getting to know the local guys obviously requires up-to-the-minute knowledge of the currently popular meeting places. And, while many such locations - including public city spaces, beaches and discotheques – attract large numbers of gay people, the fact virtually no Cubans speak any language other than Spanish can easily limit most visitors’ enjoyment of the experience.

At the same time, Cuba’s gay bars are not necessarily easy to locate, and, while some hotels are more relaxed nowadays about their guests inviting local people to their rooms, it is not always a comfortable experience. Gay visitors who seek to get to know their new Cuban friends better are therefore better advised to find a smaller, sympathetic guesthouse – but that, too, is not so easy a process if you lack local knowledge and speak no Spanish.

How CubaConnect will help

CubaConnect exists to address all the practical problems you may encounter as a visitor who is keen to explore the local gay scene and to make new friends.
We have developed an extensive network of inspected and approved gay-owned and gay-friendly guest accommodation throughout Havana and beyond. You – and your Cuban friends – are guaranteed the warmest of welcomes in all of them. Though such establishments may inevitably lack some of the features offered by top class accommodation in the West, they more than make up for it by their cosy charm and the warmth of the hospitality they offer.
Equally importantly, all the owners and managers of CubaConnect properties possess a wealth of specialised local knowledge. They know all the nearby attractions, including many smaller, more intimate gay venues frequented by local young men that you are unlikely to discover for yourself.
Of course, the services of your bi-lingual CubaConnect personal assistant will also be of the greatest practical help in allowing you to explore and enjoy all the island’s gay attractions and in facilitating your introductions to the new friends that you’re certain to make there.
Thus, in a rapidly developing and ever-changing gay scene – and in a country where visitors who speak no Spanish will often find themselves at a huge disadvantage – CubaConnect’s established accommodation network and our staff’s extensive local knowledge combine to offer our clients an unrivalled and uniquely personally-tailored service.

With as much – or as little – individual support as you need, we will ensure that you make the best use of your time as you explore this wonderful island, meet its charming, accommodating and utterly delightful young men, and discover for yourself that Cuba really is becoming the true gay paradise of the Caribbean.

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